Prepare Ministry Report
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Complete the following form in its entirety.

Ministry Leader

Ministry Name

  1. Team Members:
    Please enter a list of team members for this ministry.

  2. Short-term Goals / Budget:
    Enter the short-term goals of this ministry as well as the budget.

  3. Planned Activities / Actual Activities:
    Enter the planned activities for this ministry. In addition, include the actual activities for this ministry.

  4. Issues, Problems and Concerns:
    Enter any issues, problems or concerns encountered as part of this ministry.

  5. Proposed Changes to Address Issues, Problems and Concerns:
    Enter any remedies made to address the issues, problems and concerns listed above.

  6. Training Conducted:
    Describe any training conducted for this ministry.

  7. Meetings Conducted / Date / Accomplishments:
    Provide a listing of all meetings, including dates and accomplishments.

  8. Ministry-Specific Items to be Reported.
    List any additional ministry-specific items that need to be reported.